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My first experience with a psychic was approx. 10 years ago.

This old lady walked up to me at an event and started a conversation, she then told me to stop worrying about things, that my brother who went to iraq was going to be ok. She said "I see God is protecting him, he will be ok". I was flabbergasted... no one in the room knew I had a brother.

For her to know all that was amazing. She also told me that i was going to buy a house and would have a baby boy soon. I was recovering from a miscarriage so i didn't believe it. Little did i know, i was already pregnant again with my son!

Best of all it was all free!!! I am a married mother of 3. 15 years together with ups and downs. So I met this amazing guy last year and had an emotional affair and then he died a couple of months into it.

I have been dealing with guilt and sorrow and my girlfriend suggested that i speak with a medium to seek closure. Just like everything else in my life, i sought the best or whom i thought was the best. At $550 an hour, Michelle must be great, better than that old lady who told me so much for free a while back. So I paid no heed to negative comments because I also read Michelle whitedove had a stalker and assumed that jealous people will always try to bring you down.

I had experienced it in my own professional life. I paid 550 hard earned dollars to talk to Michelle and loved the fact that her first available appointment was weeks away. (Being in high demand meant she is really good i thought) I don't know whether she is gifted or not but it was a total bust. A lot of rambling, fishing.

She was unable to tell me one single prediction or statement that was accurate. She said my daughter was excelling academically when she is my biggest concern, is delayed in her development and we are actually testing her for autism next week. My child has had an IEP since Kindergarten. She told me to watch her on the phone for inappropriate friendships and internet searches.

Well my daughter only uses her phone to listen to music while stimming or doing some other stereotypical behaviors. Michelle has offered to send me some of her books on children so I can learn ways to better parent. She never realized that i have an advanced degree in special education. She told me my daughter is lonely because she is an only child and i am a single mother.

My daughter is lonely because she has not yet developed appropriate and effective social skills and has a communication disorder. In fact I have two younger children and my husband as far as i know still lives with us. Furthermore, at first, she thought my decease friend is still alive and is my spouse and my daughter's father. I told her he died, and could not possibly be her dad since i had only known him since 2015 plus we never had sex.

(My youngest child is 8) She quickly moved on and said she sees his death was sudden and unexpected. (Of course it was, you can see he is fairly young in the picture i sent to Michelle) she told me my deceased friend was showing her his heart, like something was wrong with it. I said no, he did not have a heart problem, he had cancer but it took him away quickly. Michelle then said he is telling her that the cancer was stage 4.

Michelle obviously doesn't know that I also hold a nursing degree and that I know it had to be a stage 4 cancer that metastasized to other parts of his body that would kill him so soon after initial symptoms. He would never send me such a message trying to explain for he was also a nurse. She then told me that my friend exited this world and his body through his heart and respiratory system and that is why he was showing her his heart. Well his organs were shutting down and of course once you go into respiratory distress and the heart cease to function and pump oxygen into the brain, you will be declared clinically dead!!!

I was in shock for many reasons, for one I realized that all the negative reviews are actually from real folks who like me were cheated out of their money. I later replayed the recording and the only things that made sense were her statements about me being a perfectionist and solution oriented but then again, I did tell her that I was a Virgo. She was so off that I eventually just opened up and told her what my concerns were regarding my daughter and my deceased friend. She then gave me some advice, it was good advice, but not what i was seeking out of this encounter.

I can pretty much handle my business, so i am not looking for a counselor. I have heard people get better readings from carnival psychics. I hate writing negative reviews about people because maybe this is her livelihood and she was having a bad day but for me at least this reading was a total bust and definitely not worth the exorbitant amount paid. She promised that she was a straight shooter and would not make things up, so i feel she is dishonest because she could have said, hey i am feeling off, i am having trouble with the reading today, can we try another time?

Instead she just went on with her rambling and even went about 9 mns over, i learned absolutely nothing. I finally agreed with everything she said because i wamted to get rid of her. But i have no worries, if she stole my money, karma will catch up with her, she will soon lose 100x that amount. I almost forgot, i also have some fibroid issues that have been causing me a lot of pain and i have been reluctant to schedule my surgery.

( i know working as a nurse makes me even more paranoid about medical interventions) I guess i was looking for some insights about that but she told me i was in perfect health and destined to live a long time, because i am an old soul.

So i did not even bother to ask. Now i am thinking those tv shows she was on were probably rigged.

Review about: Michelle Whitedove Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Michelle, Thank you so much for today's session and your very wise and incredibly accurate information. I was not sure what to expect, but whatever I was expecting you surely surpassed my expectations!

I am very grateful for the guidance, clarity and information you provided to me. Sitting here, I feel a great amount of peace that I haven't felt in quite a very long while. Thank you so much.

Looking forward to future sessions with you. Many blessings to you.


I have had a similar experience. I'm a pissed costumer too and no I'm not a stalker!


I had a reading with her many years ago in Florida, and it was AWFUL. She was so negative and talked about her own life and issues instead of offering anything about mine.

I'm no stalker; just a real person who wouldn't pay money to have a reading with her again. Fortunately, this was at the beginning of her career and wasn't a lot of money.


WARNING: These posts below are coming from Ms Whitedoves FL stalker and malevolent minions. Consecutive Negative posts just changing sign-in name.

They are not being written by consumers.

This is a false and malicious post - - all lies! Check out Michelle Whitedove's videos to see her in action and working at

to Office of Michelle Whitedove #1485138

Here' s the thing. If someone is really legitimate, he or she doesn't need to respond to any feedback, positive or negative. It just makes her look worse when we read these comebacks.

to Pippin22 #1509555

Here the thing, comments are allowed, to respond to FAKE POSTERS Like You. IF this were an authentic post you'd use your name.

But no, cowards and internet trolls are happy to post lies using fictitious names.

I've had several readings by Michelle, she's the real deal. YOU are the Fake PippyLongStocking.


many years ago, I met and had a reading with Michelle Whitedove at the Mind, Body Expo in Manhattan, NY. I had three problems at the time.

A haunted apartment, a broken relationship and a job that I hated. I took the reading with Michelle hoping to get some type of clarity for my life. The reading that I received was vague and could generally apply to anyone. When I pressed Michelle for specifics, her answers were completely off.

No help there. She advised sage with cedar, salt and a seashell for my apartment. I did everything as she told me. One night of peace and the very next day, all *** broke loose!

The haunting in my apartment was worse than ever. I lived with this for months until a good friend that had a similar problem told me to call Caribbean Psychics. The lady from that group was a Godsent. She completely cleared my house of all negativity with lasting results.

I am celebrating my 8 th year in the apartment! I also received the most detailed, accurate and best reading of my life.

Michelle is a nice person but she was not able to help me. I just wish it didn't have to cost me my hard earned money.

to Mark Liebowitz #1381946

Many times the sage and the blessed kosher salt work, but it depends on your faith. If you don't have faith then it wont work, it just aggravates negative spirits which can make a situation worse.

A famous TV Psychic like Michelle doesn't have time to come to everyone's home to do clearings and blessings. Its even hard to get a Catholic priest to do that.

to Mark Liebowitz #1489608

Ripping costumer off con artist saying she is no. ONE American psychic yet she is NOT. Nobody is allowed to say that!!FRAUD.

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